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Cheap air flights get cheap airfares is a bit of a mouth full but it perfectly sums up what this page and website is all about.

This page will feature special sales and promotions for cheap airfares, comfortabble clean hotels at well below rack rates, rental cars, vacation packages, cruises, and more that would be of interest to the world traveler.

We will strive to be helpful to our visitors and client travelers who are looking to maximize their travel dollar returns by getting cheap air flights get cheap airfares and related travel products and services.

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Travel Cheap Flights Finder will be adding a ton or two of fresh content and additional travel deals over the coming days and we would hope that much of it will be useful to you and save you travel money.

Cheap Fare Finder Deals

Everyone likes a sale and British Airways has the world on sale at this moment. ""British Airways world sale now on" and we say cheap air flights get cheap airfares says BA's official announcement and they mean it. Some super duper deals are being offered. BA offers flights to 154 destinations in 72 countries so you will more than likely find a special offering of real interest.

Top Notch Hotels at Special Prices

Our advice on hotel bookings is to never, never walk into hotel and book a room on the spot. If you do you are likely to pay top dollar for the room and put a big smile on the desk clerk's face. The clerk may even laugh out loud as he assigns you a terrible room at a really terrible rate.

So it's MUCH better to look around and to book ahead. There are some terrific deals running now for London Hotels and Dubai Hotels and Great deals in Rome and Worldwide Hotels

Baholidays offers hotels, cars, sightseeing and transfer options in over 350 destinations around the globe. All hotel properties are hand-picked with great locations and specially negotiated rates so when special rates are offered they are special rates for special hotels.

Real Deals on Travel Accessories

Just because you are traveling cheap air flights get cheap airfares doesn't mean that you have to look cheap. There are handy well designed and inexpensive travel luggage options. For instance find great luggage and travelgear deals in specials and closeouts. You can shop at for luggage options that will make you feel good about your appearance yet make life on your trip a lot easier.

If you make an unwise choice luggage can be a huge pain on any journey. Even if you are traveling cheap air flights get cheap airfares make sure that your luggage is light weight. Make sure that it is waterproof. Make sure that it is rugged. Make sure that it is secure.

Have you noticed the way luggage is tossed around and abused at airports? Purchase rugged well made luggage that can take the punishment and survive to make many more trips.

Another very important point. Unless you are a boni fide refugee and have to pack up all that you own and run as fast as you can avoid oversized bags and luggage. Oversized luggage quickly becomes your enemy on a trip of any duration. Who knows? At some locations you may have to carry the overweight beast around yourself. That will teach you a good lesson.)

After landing are you finding it hard to get a taxi? Could it be that the taxi drivers aren't into playing Superman that day?

Another problem with over sized luggage is that it encourages overpacking. This is not a good thing. More on this elsewhere. But the real problem with oversized luggage is logistical. It just doen't fit in very well and is hard to move around.

In the end you will hate it and feel stupid for bringing such monsterous overweight and oversized luggage along. Even the good feeling that you felt by getting cheap air flights get cheap airfares will be lost. Don't tote that oversized bag.

Tips to Help Get the Cheapest Airfare.

1. The best tip to get the best airfare [ remember our slogan - cheap air flights get cheap airfares ] is if at all possible to start your search well in advance of your planned departure date. Airlines do run special promotions and these attractive low fares sell out quickly. So if you can manage searching for and booking your ticket at least 21 days ahead of your departure date you will save money, often significant money. And that's the goal with cheap air flights get cheap airfares.

2. When you find a fare that you know is really a deal be sure to book it. Many folks think that sale prices will remain the same for the duration of the sale for the flights being offered at special prices. That is NOT true. Airlines can and often do change their prices during the promotion.

I had the experiencec several years ago of searching for a flight from Honolulu, Hawaii, USA to Taipei, Taiwan. I found a fare so low on an online booking engine that I thought it must be an error (probably it was).

I had already done a bit of homework and knew it to be a terrific price. I booked it immediately halfway expecting to receive a "sorry a misquote was made" message in the mail instead of a ticket. When I went online the following day to see if the price was the same it had already increased by about $200.

To my relief and mild surprise the ticket arrived a few days later. When it was time to board the flight the lady at the China Airlines check in desk noticed the price and told me to stand by. She made a phone call, had a conversation in Chinese that I thought mean big trouble, but in the end she smiled ( it looked a bit forced) and issued me a boarding pass. What a relief.

The moral to this little true story. If you see a real deal jump on it and book immediately.

3. Do enough online research with online booking engines so that you know a good deal when you find one.

4. Try to avoid travel really close to major holidays like Christmas. Yes, yes, I know you want to visit Granny on Christmas day. Just be prepared to pay up for your ticket if you have to fly to see her. Even cheap air flights get cheap airfares can't save you money on Christmas Eve.

5. Be flexible to some extent with your schedule. Sometimes a shift in dates of just a day or two can make a drastic difference in price. If you want to get cheap air flights get cheap airfares be prepared to bend a little with your departure and return dates.

Cheap Air Flights Travel Tips

Here are a few cheap air travel tips that if followed will made your flight a little easier, safer, and more pleasant. Enjoy your flight and trip.

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