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Cheap Air Flights Travel Tips offers a few simple things that you can do before and during your flight that will make life a little easier.

There are a few things that any traveler can do that will make their flight less expensive, more enjoyable, and less stressful. A listing of cheap air flights travel tips for international flights follows.

1. If at all possible plan and book your trip well in advance of your departure date. You will almost always find a cheaper ticket price if you book your cheap flight at least 21 days prior to departure.

2. Be sure to have your travel documents in order well before your departure date. If you are a US citizen a handy service can help you do this all from one place. For Passports, Visas, and Birth Certificates Click Here Again make sure that you follow cheap air flights travel tips for international flights and apply for your documents early. It's too stressful to still be waiting on your documents with just a few days left before your flight.

3. If you are traveling to third world countries check with your health care provider about the need for shots. If shots are required be sure to take them well in advance of your departure date. You may have a mild reaction to some shots and traveling about when you don't feel well is no fun at all.

4. If you require medication be sure that you have enough on hand to cover the time you will be traveling. Then be sure to take the medication on your trip. If you are taking prescription drugs it is a good idea to take your prescriptions along as well. Just in case your bags are searched by one or more customs agents and you need to prove that you are not a drug dealer.

5. If you will be flying on a long haul flight be sure to get plenty of rest the night before departure. You will have a long day in front of you and you will better cope with it when you are well rested.

6. Limit your alcohol consumption before and during your flight. At high altitudes the effect of alcohol is enhanced so just a couple of drinks may impair your judgement. These days a wrong word or two uttered in flight can get you in a lot of trouble. Stay sober.

7. Drink plenty of water and or fruit jucies on your flight. Dehydration can be a problem at high altitudes so your body needs the intake of fluids. Alcohol will contribute to the dehydration process so again take it easy and if you drink at all drink alcohol in moderation.

8. In preparing for your flight be sure to pack light. Dress is more causal these days at most locations so do not overpack with a zillion different outfits. Smart travelers will leave enough room in their bags so that they will have room for purchases made on the trip. At many destinations you will find nifty clothing and accessory items. Leave some spare room for them. Besides you will have more fun and be safer when you blend in with the natives rather than standing out as an overdressed tourist.

9. Do not bring along oversized luggage. The fun of cheap air flights travel will be diminished if you have to tote around some huge oversized and ridiculously heavy monsterous bag from airport to hotel and back again.

10. An important cheap air flights travel tips is to be sure to get up and walk around a bit every now and then. Your blood tends to head for your feet during a long flight and it is a good idea not to let it get too settled in. You should also do some little toe wiggling exercises, move your arms about, extend your legs, and the like while seated. You may look a little strange to others on the flight but you will feel better, so go for it.

11. Be sure to wear some comfortable not too tight shoes during your trip. It is a BAD idea to be breaking in a new pair of shoes or hiking boots during your journey. As said earlier; blood tends to settle in your lower extremities during a long flight. Your feet will expand and push against those too tight new shoes. It's not a pretty picture. Of course, you can take off your shoes during your cheap air flights travel but then you may not be able to get them on again. Beware.

12. Don't use the pillows and blankets offered to you by the flight attendents. They have probably been repacked into those nice clean looking plastic bags without being cleaned. If the person, or more likely people, that were using the pillow or blanket before you were ill --- well the results could be unpleasant and your trip and/or vacation ruined.

13. Wash your hands frequently and well. Modern aircraft are in the air most of the time and a lot of people use the common facilities. While hopefully you will have a pleasant flight thanks to the good services provided by the airline and by following the cheap air flights travel tips you do need to be aware that being in close promixity to a lot of people from all over the world for an extended period of time exposes one to all sorts of pathological little critters, some which can harm you. Carefully wash your hands with soap and water. Often.

One more important item for cheap air flights travel tips.

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Cheap Air Flights Travel Tips Trip Advisor

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