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Cheap airfares Manila will get you to the capital city of the Philippines in comfort, style, and at a cheap flight price.

Manila is a hectic Asian city with traffic that seems to stay in the same spot forever but it does have its charms and attractions.

One of the most significant is the friendly nature of the Filipino people. Most Filipinos speak good English and are pleased to be of assistance to the foreign visitor. Of course, as in any busy city some caution is in order. It is not wise to venture out at night alone and wander about in unfamiliar places as unfortunately is true in many cities of the world.

It is wise to be on the alert for pickpockets. That can be said for most urban areas of the world but there seem to be some especially skillful young operators in Manila. Cheap airfares Manila will save you money in getting to Manila, it's up to you to protect it while you are there.

If you are traveling with a laptop computer you had best chain it to your waist. Don't leave it unattended even for a minute. I could be saying exactly the same for New York or dozens of other cities. Just don't get carried away by the remaining pockets of colonial charm in Manila and let your guard down.

Manila is a bustling international gateway city. The Ninoy Aquino International Airport, about seven kilometers from the city center, seems a bit disorganized compared to many of the newer airports in the region like Hong Kong, or Bangkok.

If you are transfering from an international flight to a domestic flight you will have to travel a few short but painful kilometers to the jewel of a domestic airport. Free bus service is offered for the transfer but I would advise you to pass on the offer and opp for a taxi instead.

The traffic between the two airports is heavy and you may be in traffic for an hour or two even though the distance traveled is almost nil. The taxi will be much more comforable and you will avoid a lot of wear and tear on your luggage. Once you see the Manila airport situation for yourself you will understand my meaning exactly. Taxi fares are cheap enough in Manila that parting with a few Pesos is worth the extra comfort.

If you are planning to leave Manila and travel around the Philippines cheap airfares Manila recommends that you do a bit of homework first. While travel in the Philippines is generally no more dangerous than a hundred or so other places in the world some areas are much safer than others. A tremendous source of information is in The World Fact book -highly advised reading by cheap airfares Manila.

As a major travel hub in Asia Manila is served by strong carriers in the region such as Cathey Pacific and Singapore Airlines as well as European airlines like British Airways and American Airlines like United. If you are traveling from London exclusive flight deals at can be quickly searched online and low cost flights identified. If you are traveling from the US try the cheap airfares Manila recommended booking service.Travelocity's Low Fare Alert searches thousands of flights for fares that can save you 20%* or more on your trip.

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Cheap Airfares Manila Hotels

Manila is a large noisy energetic city that is lively night and day. If you are like most travelers that is fine. That is a big part of the reason that you are traveling. However, it makes your trip all that much more enjoyable if you stay in a quite hotel oasis witnin the city, near the action but a world apart.

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