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China is a vast country. Cheap flights China is by far the best way to get to China and to get about while you are enjoying your visit.

China is a nation that is transforming itself into a global economic powerhouse at breath taking speed. Cheap flights China can easily get you there to see all of the action at the best price for airfare.

As always you should book your flight early, at least 21 days in advance, to better insure that you are able to purchase the cheap flight that suits you best.

And regardless if your trip is for business or pleasure in order to get the most out of your journey you should do your homework prior to departure. A little preparation will pay big dividends in China.

According to a recent (Jan 11, 2006)headline on the BBC website China's economy is growing at an amazing rate. (begin article)

China lifts annual growth figures

Growth in China's services sector has been underestimated. China's economy grew faster than previously thought in each of the past six years, according to revised government figures. Taking into account new data about the services industry, the economy grew a startling 10.1% in 2004, compared to the 9.5% originally estimated.

Growth also surpassed 10% in 2003, updated figures from the National Statistics Bureau revealed. (end article)

By any measure these are extremely high growth figures. If you want to see any of the "old" China you had best book a cheap flights China ticket in a hurry.

China is rapidily becoming a focal point for business and tourist activity so facilities are being constantly upgraded. If you are traveling to China for the first time you will probably be surprised at how advanced and modern many of the facilities are, starting with the fabulous airport at Hong Kong and continuing to the tremendous number of new hotels in Beijing and Shanghai.

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Cheap Flights China Hotels

While cheap flights China can get you to China, and you can fly around China at low prices by using our services, quality hotels in China are not cheap. However, many of them are wonderful.)

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Reviews of hotels and tourist attractions are written by travelers much like your own good self. Their unbiased opinions make for some interesting and informative reading.

Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor My advice. Don't travel to China without reading these reviews. The money that you will save and the good experiences that you will have make the time spend reading the reviews very worth while.

China is an eyefull and an earfull. Always exciting. Enjoy your cheap flights China journey.

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