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It may sound ridicluous (and really is) but I've seen folks bring suits and gowns and worst to places where you really will never need them, like to the beach towns of Thailand, where the uniform of the day and night is shorts and t-shirts, maybe less once you get a good tan and into the swing of things.

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For the world traveler this is the one book that is a must to own. The book takes you through every country in the world.

That'a a lot of traveling, folks.

While that may seem like overkill if you are planning to visit only one country having one book that covers all of the bases can be very handy on an extended journey.

Who knows? You may start out in Thailand and suddenly get a strong urge to visit some of the historic and strikingly beautiful temples of Laos. That may be easier to do with The Travel Book along.

Then remember what I said about traveling light. One book that pretty well covers everything is a lot lighter than a book for every country that you may want to visit.

Traveling to Laos is not a bad idea by the way. Tourists have just recently started to visit Laos in some numbers so there are still many stunning places to visit that are not over run with travelers. Flights from Bangkok and Chiang Mai leave daily to the quiet capital of Vientiane.

Thailand is a marvelous country to visit and even more marvelous to live in. I have lived in Thailand for the past three years and still enjoy living there as if were my very first happy day in country.

The Thais are generally a fun loving deeply spiritual people who still have firm roots in their native culture even though in recent years there has been a full scale onslaught of Western style consumerism.

The Thais somehow seem to manage the differences in the two lifestyles pretty well.

Before visiting Thailand by using the services of cheap flights finder carefully read through the Lonely Planet Thailand book.

You will gain a real knowledge of the many choices in vacation styles offered by Thailand, from the super luxurious to extreme budget, and be better able to plan the trip that is right for you (and your budget).

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