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Buy a cheap flights Hong Kong air ticket to fly to one of the world's most technologically advanced and highly acclaimed airports; impressive gateway to one of the world's most exciting cities. Hong Kong has a dazzling airport, skyline, and busy harbor that overwhelm the senses. You won't want to miss the excitment and wonder of touring about Hong Kong.

Hong Kong was once described by a British gentleman as a "barren rock". Whoever made that statement was probably right at the time but would be completely amazed if they were able to view Hong Kong now. From a barren rock a mighty city has emerged.

With a construction boom that started in the mid 80's Hong Kong has emerged as a major world financial and trading center and one of the premier cities of Asia and indeed the world.

I'm confident that you will find the city extremely exciting to visit from the first moment you land at the gleaming ultra modern Hong Kong International Airport, (opened in 2001) one of the super air hubs of Asia.

As the world's fifth busiest international passenger airport and most active worldwide air cargo operation, HKIA sees an average of 750 aircraft take off and land every day. Near 60 scheduled passenger carriers and 15 all-cargo operators link Hong Kong with more than 140 locations round the world.

Many of these flights can be booked with a cheap flights Hong Kong ticket.

Hong Kong has truly arrived as a leading city of the 21st century with it's forward looking international airport and marvelous supporting infrastructure.

My first air flight into Hong Kong was in 1988. Unfortunately, my flight was not a cheap flights Hong Kong. That was a bit before the Internet age.

I remember well the white kuckle descent into the "old" Kai Tak airport. What seemed like a life threatening experience at the time is something not soon forgotten. Landing at Kai Tak was not for the weak at heart or for those with a fear of flying.

The pilots had a challenge every time they landed their planes at Kai Tak. As passengers gazed out of their aircraft windows in fascination and a touch of fear, the pilots were fully engaged with zigs and zags as they skillfully banked the aircraft around the low mountain peaks and high roof tops of apartment buildings near Kai Tak.

It looked like the airplane would surely crash into the roof tops of Kowloon City, a district next to the now "old" Hong Kong Airport. It was quite an intense experience. But flying into Hong Kong, especially on a clear day with a dramatic view of the harbour, was always worth it.

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Flying into Hong Hong International Airport is not nearly as dramatic as landing at Kai Tak but the excitment of Hong Kong is greater than ever.

Hong Kong is a major tourist destination as well as being one of the world’s major business centres. It is one of the most riveting and unexpectedly beautiful spectacles on earth.

Probably the only bargain greater than your cheap flights Hong Kong air ticket is a ride across Hong Kong harbour on the Star Ferry. This has to be the best cruise for your money in the world.

The view of the busy harbour and skyline of Kowloon, Central Hong Kong, and Wai Chai is unforgetable. At night it is even better as the city's fabulous skyscrapers light up in multi colors. And you can get there on a cheap flights Hong Kong air ticket from just about any point on earth.

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These unvarnished reports can be invaluable as you plan your trip. You might just learn that the hotel rooms that look great in the photos on their website were photographed more than twenty years ago and that the passage of time has not been kind to their present appearance.

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