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Cheap Tickets Russia are in high demand as the Russia economy continues to grow and present increased opportunities for businessmen and for tourism.

Moscow is the city that first comes to mind when speaking of Russia and is the heart of Russian performing arts, including ballet, and the famous Russia Red Square and the Kremlin. There is much to see and to do in Moscow.

However, for those interested in a glimpse of the magnificence of the old Russia a trip to St. Petersburg is a must. It's a fantastic city of beauty and cheap tickets Russia will get you there as well as to Moscow. And at a pleasing cheap airfare rate too.

Cheap Tickets Russia from the US and the UK.

From London or New York and other major US East Coast originating cities British Airways is a good choice.

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As the Russia economy has improved so has the selection of comforable western style hotels. In Moscow and St Petersburg there are wonderful accommodations that you will be telling your friends back home about for years. While you are entertaining them with all of the happy time photos you took.)

British Airways Holidays has one hotel in Moscow and one hotel in St. Petersburg that you would be hard pressed to beat for location and price.

Low Priced Airfares to Russia From Just About Everywhere.

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Cheap Tickets Russia Hotel Guide

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