Fact on Italy and Cheap Flights to Italy

Italy is a beautiful country that captures the imagination like no other. Get fact on Italy before you set out on your trip for maximum value and enjoyment of your vacation dollars.

The basic fact on Italy hardly give a clue as to the riches that the country offers to the world and to the traveler who is wise enough to visit and soak in the history and ambiance of a timeless land.

A brief outline of Italy shows the following as of the end of 2005.

Size: 301,230 square kilometres

Capital city: Rome

Population: 58.1 million (2005 estimate)

Labour force: 24.3 million (2004 estimate)

Population growth rate: 0.07% p.a. (2005 estimate)

Adult literacy rate: 98.6%

Life expectancy: 79.68 years

Age composition: 0-14 years 13.9%, 15-64 years 66.7%, 65 and over 19.4% (2005 estimate)

Language: Italian

Major religions: Roman Catholic

Local time: GMT + 1 (GMT + 2 in summer)

Telephone code: 390

Internet domain: it

The United States CIA Factbook has a fact on Italy listing that gives detailed information about the geography, history, government, industries, and regions of the country. One interesting fact that will surprise many people is that in spite of it's ancient history Italy became a nation-state only in 1861.

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