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Riga is the largest city in the Baltics, with a population of 800,000. You can reach it with a cheap flights Riga ticket.

Riga is a city of sharp contrasts. There are particularly good things about the city yet the bad things are particularly bad. On the bright side, it seems to have by far the most vibrant nightlife in the Baltics.

On the down side, itís got the worst traffic. Riga is regaining its reputation as a fun-filled, forward-looking city and is on it's way to justifying the cityís pre-World War Two label: the Paris of the Baltics.

Latvia's economy has made a giant transformation since it's independence in 1991.

It was shrinking by an astounding 35 percent a year in 1992; but thanks to impressive market reforms that Latvia implemented quickly, it saw positive growth just two years later. In 2001, Latvia registered one of the highest growth rates in Europeósome 7 percent. Latvia is a key transit point for Russian oil, which helps fuel growth.

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