Lowest Fare Airline Ticket

Get a lowest fare airline ticket that really is the best fare available.

The convenience and ease of online purchase of a lowest fare airline ticket in the Internet age is a marvel.

The last time I traveled from Honolulu to Bangkok, Thailand, about three years ago, was the last time I've used a ticket purchased at a travel agent's office.

My travel agent in Honolulu is quite good. She owns a one woman operation in a one room office in a ordinary older office building. Her overhead is low, her margins slim, and she offers very attractive ticket prices, especially to Asian destinations. Her low overhead, low margin, business model works on volume.

She is originally from Hong Kong and is an expert on travel to and from Asia. She is also a perfect example of a hard working, non stop Chinese businesswomen.

She somehow manages to answer a constantly ringing telephone, service clients who are stacked on top of each other in her tiny office, and somehow find the flights, write the tickets, and handle the money. I've never in my life witnessed anyone who could multi task so well without error.

This lady is really amazing. She also was good at finding her clients a lowest fare airline ticket. Her business was always booming.

Ahhhhhh, but she is also human. The last time I purchased a ticket from her she was so busy she asked if I would mind picking up the ticket on the way to Honolulu Airport the next morning.

My flight left on a Saturday about 10:30 AM. As her office didn't open until 9:00 AM this made me a little uneasy as that didn't leave much time for error if anything went wrong.

But she had quoted a price that probably was a lowest fare airline ticket price, especially since I was booking on short notice (this should be avoided if at all possible) so I agreed to see her at 9:00 sharp the next morning.

The following morning I took a taxi to the airport and stopped at her office on the way. I was there about 8:50 AM. The office was closed. It was still closed at 9:30. Now I was getting worried. My flight was scheduled to leave at 10:30.

At 9:40 and with my travel agent nowhere in sight I made a decision. I had better head for the airport and hope I could get the ticket there. I knew I was in the Japan Airlines reservation system.

So it's off to the airport. Fortunately the airport was only about ten minutes away. But the clock was running.

Sure enough the JAL ticket agent found me in their resevation system BUT the fare that they would sell me the ticket for was over $200 more than the airfare quoted by my travel agent. That's enough to hurt, so much so that I called my travel agent once again ( I had been calling constantly since 9:15 ).

Miracles of miracles, this time she answered. She was sorry, she had overslept that morning. Yes, she had my ticket. I had better hurry and pick it up if I was to make the flight.

So I explained the situation to the taxi driver, (who had waited as I hadn't paid him yet) and he got into the spirit of things by speeding at a panic pace back down the freeway to the ticket agent's office.

I really didn't think I would make the flight. If the departure hadn't been delayed for 15 minutes or so I wouldn't have. By the time I reached my aircraft seat I was exhausted with an 18 hour day still in front of me. Not a good way to start a trip.

The moral of this little story. A lowest fare airline ticket can now be purchased over the Internet as an e-ticket. Go for it. And always book your flight early unless it is a true must go now situation and you have no choice.

Lowest Fare Airline Ticket Booking Engine

With the right flight booking engine you can get just as good, if not better, price than a super star travel agent will give you. And you don't have to worry about the booking engine over sleeping or the office being closed. One more thing. There is no delivery or pick-up bill to pay. The extra taxi time cost me about $30. Still by sheer luck I was $170 ahead of purchasing the ticket directly from the airline.

A lowest fare airline ticket purchased over the Internet is the way to go.

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