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Travel to Rome at agreeable cheap flight rates with Rome airfares Rome flights. For those with an interest in history it will be especially well worth the trip. Rome, with a history dating back almost 2,800 years, remains influential as the capital of Italy and a major world city with considerable charm and attractions.

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Those travelers who have an interest in the history of the Roman Empire and the aftermath of it's slow decline will find a visit to Rome to be exciting and illuminating.

Those travelers who just want to have a good time will undoubtly find just that in Rome. The food is fantastic, talented musicians are everywhere, and the women, well, most of them are Italiian as well as Roman. That should be enough to gain the interest of any man in spending a bit of time in Rome.

That's not to say that women won't be excited by their journey to Rome. Romen men are well known for their appreciation of women and are sure to notice the air of excitment and special glow that a visit to one of the world's most charming and vibrant cities can bring.

Rome is well served with air connections. Flights from the US, London, and other major European cites are frequent. There is now special pricing by "British Airways whose world sale is now on including Rome airfares Rome flights"The challenge is often what occurs after landing in Rome. Rome traffic is not for the timid. Unless you have had formular one training it is best to leave the driving to those who know how to best survive in the unforgiving Rome traffic arena --- the Romans of course.

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As you would expect in such a historic and noble city there are marvelous hotels in Rome and Great deals in Rome hotels. No doubt that the Romans like to indulge in "La Dolce Vita" and I'm confident that when in Rome you will too.

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